I am interested in a custom-designed private charter.

We specialize in arranging economical, high quality charter tours for groups of 10 or more participants.  Some of our charters are for university groups and are run as student courses, or alumni trips. Others are for groups of friends and family. Our charters have the best possible itineraries and are expertly led by an experienced university trained English-speaking guide. We use safe, comfortable and professionally run 12-16 passenger yachts. We work closely with each group to tailor the tour to their particular interests, whether it be general natural history or something more specific like geology, ornithology, botany, photography, or conservation. Our trips often have a high level of activity in the form of hiking, snorkelling, kayaking and even horse-back riding. We cater to all age groups.

As well as organizing the logistics of the Galapagos tour, our service extends to arranging domestic flights and other transport, making hotel and restaurant reservations and coordinating airport transfers. We also organize extension trips, whether it be scuba diving in Galapagos or a cultural tour around Quito, a trip to the jungle, or a bird-watching adventure in the cloud forest of mainland Ecuador.

With personalized assistance we go the extra mile to make sure the trip exceeds expectations, adding extras and making sure the trip goes as smoothly as possibly. If you have a group and would like a private charter of Galapagos please contact us and ask how we can help. Not convinced? Check out some of our past charters and read what people have been saying about them.


Biology professors from University of British Columbia, Langara College and Simon Fraser University, Canada. April 2009

St. Norbert College with Macalaster College. Biology and Geology course. January 2009

UWA Chautauqua Galapagos Course. January 2007, January, 2008, January 2009

University of Wyoming and Casper College. December 2008

Macalaster College. Biology and Geology course.  January 2003, January 2007

Princeton University Biology Course. March 2007

Biology professors from the University of Oxford and University of British Columbia.  April 2007

Biology professors from UCLA. July, 2006

Ryan Holliday and friends. Active Galapagos. May 2003, May 2006

Harvard University Biology Course. January-February, 2004

Compass Light film production. February, 2004.

Testimonials from the charters

It is one great big thank you for an incredible trip!  I knew it was going to be pretty spectacular, but it far exceeded my expectations!  The entire “voyage” was so well organized and we couldn’t have had a better guide. Greg’s knowledge and stories were so appreciated.  I really felt we walked in Darwin’s footsteps and I finally got to see so many organisms that I have only seen pictures of….not to mention an active volcano….tres cool! –Shona Ellis, May 2009

I wanted to write a quick thank you to both you, Thalia, (as coordinator) and Greg (as guide) for our Galapagos trip. The itinerary was fantastic. I felt like we saw all the wildlife we could have hoped for, and then some. Everything ran smoothly, and the whole trip was a real pleasure. -Erin Barley, May 2009

It was a fantastic trip thanks in large part to your (Thalia’s) organization and Greg’s amazing guiding… So again, many thanks to you and Greg for helping to make this the trip of a lifetime for me. -Carol Pollock, May 2009

I’d like to thank you for arranging the trip to the Galapagos for us. It was a wonderful time to visit, with all three species of boobies and the waved albatross mating; young sea lions playing about us as we snorkelled; the volcano on Fernandina erupting; and just so much to see! Greg is an excellent guide. He is so knowledgeable about the natural history of the islands and the science behind it; his enthusiasm and energy are boundless; and he is an excellent communicator. I cannot imagine a better guide or a better trip, and I know that I speak for all sixteen of us. -Joan Sharp, May 2009

We certainly had a fantastic trip. Greg was awesome as usual and I think everyone really enjoyed themselves and learned a lot. -Terry Naumann, January 2009

We had a wonderful trip and the arrangements and Greg’s leadership were all fantastic. Thanks for all your work in putting the trip together. Will and I look forward to working with both of you on future expeditions/courses. -Scott Seville, January 2009

My wife Anne, son Ted, and I were part of the Wyoming contingent on the tour you led in early January 09.  Ted, who has been all over the world, called the tour “the best ever”, and I’d have to agree.  Thanks again for a great trip. – John Huss, January 2009

I just wanted to say a big thank you for the trip to the Galapagos. We all had an absolutely wonderful time and we thought Greg was a brilliant guide.  It could not have been better!!!  We are very lucky that our collective first visit to the Galapagos was such a fantastic experience. -Sir John Krebs FRS, Oxford University, April 2006

I just wanted to send out a quick note to say thanks for the incredible trip – I thought it would be impossible to equal the 2003 trip with you, but we definitely matched or exceeded it.  Thanks a million to you and Greg for putting together another great trip. –Ryan Holliday, May 2006

It was wonderful to work with you Thalia, and the trip was truly fabulous – thank you so much for arranging it so well! Greg was an amazing guide (and spoke very highly of your research and work), the trip was well crafted, the crew was great, and everything went really well. -Dina Liebowitz, Harvard University, February 2004

Thank you both for an incredible Galapagos experience! -Karl Wirth, February 2003

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