Consultancy for Film Groups

I need to hire a consultant for our film group.
We provide advisory assistance  for visiting film groups who have or are planning on obtaining a filming permit from the Galapagos National Park Directorate. This includes making hotel and transportation reservations, arranging boats, guiding, and coordinating service providers. We also act as scientific advisors and consultants, developing itineraries, arranging interviews, researching content and editing scripts, depending on the focus of the project. We have worked in these capacities with the following companies. Please contact us for further information and our rates.

VPRO. Galapagos portion of a 35-part television series. Beagle: On the future of Species. 2009

John Rubin Productions, for NOVA/WGBH. What Darwin Never Knew. 2009

HDNET’s Dan Rather Reports. Pollution in Paradise. Galapagos 2008

Chapman Pictures. Darwin’s Lost Paradise. Penny Chapman (producer) and Katharina von Flotow (director). 2008

BBC and National Geographic. Three-part television series. Galapagos. 2004-2006

National Geographic. Kratt Brothers: Be the Creature. 2004

Compass Light Productions for Discovery Channel. Filming Dr. Craig Venter in Galapagos for Cracking the Ocean Code. 2004


Many thanks again for all of your help during our shoot and journey through the Galapagos.  I’m very pleased with our results.  You two could not have been more professional and helpful in all respects. -David Conover, Compass Light Production, February 2004

Thank you for the kind note.  Everyone home safe and sound, including all the gear!  You did a fantastic job, David commented more than once on how smoothly the logistics came together – we could have not had such a successful, enjoyable shoot without all of your help and advice. Thanks again for all of your efforts – I look forward to the chance to work with you again! -Darryl Czuchra, Compass Light Production, February 2004

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